Reef temp's


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Here on the east coast the temperatures rose to mid 80's and since it is still March we did not turn on the AC. My question is one of much debate, how high is to high? My tank temps rose to 84.5 today from a low of 80 at night. So without the expense of a chiller how do you keep your temps down? I know in the summer we run the AC and it is not so much of a problem. I will probably raise my heaters temp, so that the temp swing during this period of 80 degree temps, is not to excessive.

Tank specs
90 gallon w/ 30 gallon sump
440 w VHO (on at 9am off at 10pm) and 2X 250 MH (on at 11 and 1105 and off at 700 and 705)
Mix of SPS and softies

I agree with REEFKEEPA, try and use some fans. You should be able to lower it this way, there is plenty of different ways to do it like mentioned about canopy set-ups or an easy clip fan style.
Thanks for the responses, and yes I have fans 2 4.5" fans running while the MH are on. We decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and turn on the AC. I also opened the hood so that better flow could be obtained. Temps should be comming down now, just need to regulate it so that it is not to fast.

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Since you have a sump you can put a fan directly over it also.Is there anyway for your air to escape from your hood? If not your just circulating hot air :(. I live in the Blast Furnace of Texas and I have no chiller. 2x 4" fans in the canopy and 1 x 6" fan blowing over my sump. AC is set at 80 and my Reef max's at 84. 2 years no problems so far. I have considered a Chiller but have yet to " loose " the $$ on one. Maybe in the future I will. I evap 2-3 gals a day and it is becoming a PITA now since I have to auto- topoff system.
Fans, AC... how about a more energy efficient method... freeze some plastic bottles of water and then put one or more in your sump as needed to regulate your temperature.