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hey so i want to add a refugium to my tank, i have like a 30 gallon sump now but only has 2 compartments one for the g3 skimmer and the other for all my pumps so i cannot fit a refugeium in there but i have like 14inch long by like 12 inches wide space on the right.... i was thinking i could either buy a small tank 2-5 gallons or make one, and put a pump in sump and a pump in refugeium so it will pump sump water in and another pump will pump it out, do you think this will work? cause for my sump model they have a back unit i could buy but its like 200 bucks so i dont want to do that, i was going to put macroalgea into it and some cheato, will the stuff get sucked up into the pumps? and what size pumps i should use???

Thanks tommy

Bill Boy

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Ever considered a Hang on Back model? I've seen one model thats actually a small refugium inside your tank, pretty cool.


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yea thats the one i was talking about that hangs on the back of sump for 200 bucks, but i dont want to pay that much, and i can hang anything on the back of tank it is flush with the wall...

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if you are talking about pumping water into your fuge then pumping it back out into the sump

forget it!

that is a disaster waiting to happen
trying to match the flows betw the 2 will be impossible - to maintain atleast... then if one gets debris you will have an imbalanced flow that will guaranteed cause a flood.

the best and easiest thing will be to get a hole cut for a bulkhead in your new fuge tank... for a simple diy pvc overflow its cheap/effective and will only cost a few dollars extra to add... and its really easy to set up once the hole is drilled (take it to a local glass shop if you cant drill it yourself - wont cost much)... elevate the fuge tank a little bit if you have to so it will gravity into your sump.

here is a photo of our 50gal display fuge -
it is pump fed from the sump then gravity feeds back into the return section of the sump...

good luck