remote sump?


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I'm looking at the possibility of moving into a house where I would put my salt mixing station and, possibly, my sump in a room that separated from the display tank by a hallway. The piping would need to go over the hallway.

That would mean I'd have to pump in and out of the sump. Doesn't seem like a smart setup to me, but, if I want a remote (larger) sump, it's what I'd need to do.

Anyone done that?


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I personally would not do that. There are so many more thing that could go wrong.

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Is there absolutely no way to go under the floor ?
There is really no reasonable reliable way to to balance the flow leaving the tank with the flow returning to the tank .

Most sumps are gravity fed.

The mixing station you can do this with easy by plumbing up thru the attic space...

Would be best to have the tank on a will opposite of the room you want the sump or have common walls in common you could run plumbing inside of thou it would require some drywall paint and maybe framing work


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Do not do that. Almost impossible to match flow both ways. If one pump fails, then you flood the other side. You got to have a gravity fed drain. If you dont have basement or opposing wall with room, dont risk it and stick to sump under tank.

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