Scared hermits??


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I have set up a nano for my TBS hitchhiker mantis and he seems quite happy. I added some blue leg hermits and a small conch for cleanup and mantis snacking. Indeed the mantis has eaten most of the hermits. The remaining two hermits and conch spend all of their day hiding in crevices in the live rock. A couple times I've seen a hermit roaming only to completely stop and close up when the mantis snapped. I'm beginning to think the remaining habitants are terrified of their probable fate. Is this normal? If so, what are you all using for cleanup crews in your mantis tanks?
Given that you have a "hitchhiker", it is probably a gonodactylid under 2.5 inches. An animal this size usually can't handle a snail over about an inch in diameter - i.e. a decent sized turbo. Hermits are a bit more problematic because the claw that closes the apeture of the shell is still vulnerable to a strike and can be broken.

Also, an animal this size cannot handle a small (2 inch) tropical ab. I use them a lot in small tanks.