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After losing my N. oerstedii in a molt around October last year, I've been on the lookout for another mantis. I put in requests at two LFS's to give me a call if they got ANY mantis in... and waited 2 months with no mantis in sight.

So I just went to my preferred LFS and asked (yet again) if they had any idea if they'd be able to get a smaller mantis for me. The guy replied "What? We might still have one downstairs... It's been there for 3 or 4 weeks..."

I went to their holding/storage area downstairs and, lo and behold, found my mantis. Not quite what I'd been in the market for, but still... I couldn't pass up the most gorgeous little 3" peacock! Especially not for the bargain basement price of $11.99...

She (I believe it's a "she") will eventually outgrow the 22g she's in at the moment, but it's a big step up from the bare bottom 10g she was in at the store. She's acclimated beautifully, has both her rapts and no sign of any shell disease, and started whacking away at a hermit within 10 minutes in her new home. After settling in for 3 days, I'm now in the market for a good name for her (accepting all suggestions...)

I'm totally excited to join the peacock mantis club! Pictures soon!

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i have three thought one died but was doing water change the other day and wow there it was looking at me ITS ALIVE THATS ALL YOU HEARD! i now have RARE QUEEN, ZEBRA,THUG.peacok is thug all smashers has rare queen on home page. SORRY THOMAS AND BILLY SHES FINE ALL IN TACK. i dig them there going with me when i move back to the bayarea. WILL BE GHETTO SHRIMP SOON!