Self Feeding Question


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I haven't ever gotten my bimac to eat ghost shrimp. Each time I'd put them by him, he would ignore them. In fact, he ignores everything except hermits.

So I was stuck with about 12 ghost shrimp and nothing to do, so I dumped them all in his tank. They are all swimming around, happy, and alive.

Will my bimac eventually eat them if he is hungry? He hasn't ever shown an interest in catching his own food - he just takes food from me if I put it in his cave, and only if he's already in his cave. He won't eat anywhere else.
Yea if there are 12 ghost shrimp swimming around the tank im sure he will eventually hunt them at night. No octopus can pass up easy food like that.
I agree with Pat. Your octo must have alternative food to eat or just dosen't see them. I had two of the captive bimacs and both eat shrimp no problem.
They will die in full strength salt water if the ghost shrimp are of the fresh water variety. I keep them in a bucket till I am ready to use them. I gut load them with a product called cyclop-eeze Not only are they very high in hufas but they color the shrimp red making them easier for octo to see. The smell of cyclop-eeze is a natural attractant. I use it to feed the crayfish, crabs, shrimp,amphipods every thing I use to feed my octopses.
These are the saltwater variety of ghost shrimp. At least they have been living just fine in salt water for the last month.

Also - does anyone know the effects of low temperature water on hermits? My tank hit 70 degrees yesterday since the outdoor temperature dropped into the 40's. Are the hermits in my sump okay with 70 degree water? They seem to still be alive.
most (99%) ghost shrimp that are sold are actually the salt water kind. they are much cheaper to get than the FW kind. SW Ghost shrimp will survive in FW for short periods. the best place to get GS is at live bait places.