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Hi All!

I'm looking to sell my monster skimmer, and pump... It's been a great item, but honestly, it's WAYYY too big for my tank. I ended up paying lots to skim out stuff, then paying lots in additives to put it bcak in. It seemed pretty circular, so...

Up for grabs is a Sequence Wahoo Pump; it's about 15 Months old, used for probably 11 of those months. The pump retails for $319 new, and is in like-new condition. Anyone who knows me knows I take care of my stuff. Sequence/Baldor pumps are truly the best external pumps you can buy, IMO.

I'd ask $225/OBO locally.

Info is here

The skimmer itself is a My Reef Creations MR/2.

The skimmer has the Quick Release upgrade, twin injectors, and a 12" riser. The injectors are also raised, and I can throw in the mess of PVC that hooks it all up, too.

New, the Skimmer is $325, Quick Release is $45, and an extra injector is $85. The Riser is $140. The skimmer itself is about 2 1/2 years old, and pieces have been added throughout that period. I'll throw in the Ozone "T" along with the purchase.

I'm selling the skimmer for $300/OBO locally.

Package deal, $475 locally.

Info on the Skimmer can be found here

And a picture below:

The skimmer is presently squeaky clean, and disassembled. I am willing to meet people at a reasonable distance to deliver, and help setup/assemble. This thing will easily keep a 300G+ system spotless.

Let me know, if anyone's interested, with reasonable offers!

I had to comment

I had to comment

nice equipment and nice thread. Thanks for including all the links and specs. Very informative. This looks like a great deal for some excellent equipment.