should i upgrade?


I just bought a Finexx 30g Glass m-tank,
this is its specs:

Finnex is introducing this new 30g glass much like the previous model with refugium and skimmer, but the new model has also wet-dry filter and new improved skimmer! There will only be 7-8 models for sale between now and the end of May, when Finnex will get a large shippment of glass, so if your very interested please let us know so we can let Ken at Finnex know, we anticipate these 7-8 will go very fast!

Finnex 30 Gallon Salt Water Aquarium equipped with skimmer, wet/dry filter and refugium creates the most sophisticated system to keep your sea creatures in a healthy environment.

Model no. : MTG-2402/MTG-2402Q

Capacity and dimension: 30 gallon, 24” x 18” x 17” (Height)

Material: 5mm temper glass

Style: Square corner. The open top design gives sufficient air ventilation to reduce heat buildup.

Lighting: Powder coated corrosion resistant aluminum hood

MTG-2402: Independent control 24w x 4 T5 HO fluorescent with LED fixture


1. Skimmer: Venturi driven skimmer rated 60 gallon with a 211 gph rated pump. The overflow style of skimmer chamber ensures a constant water level to keep stable skimming performance.

2. Wet/Dry filter: Includes filter tray and media drop in chamber (filtration media not included). Top loaded tray makes catching and removing the debris easy.

3. Refugium: Center located refugium with 13W power compact lighting fixture.

a. Adjustable water flow fits various refugium setting.

b. Direct water flow from the refugium to the main tank let the food resource growing in the refugium lively get into the main tank.

c. The elevated design gives an appropriate depth for successful refugium setup.

4. Water return pipe and pump: Utilize the”T” connection pipe to split the water return to the refugium and to the main tank. So, only one 475 gph pump can circulate the entire tank.

Question: Should I update the pumps for better skimming and better return? Should I maybe add another powerhead in the tank for better movement?