Show me your most prized/craziest montipora


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After having recently becoming obsessed with montiporas (I think i'm up to 8 now) I thought I would see what some of you think is the best, craziest, most prized montiopora out there. I've seen similar threads for acros, millies, mushrooms etc but couldn't find anything on montis. Lets see what you got!


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There are a few threads on here if you look them up.

I have grown out a bunch of them and not kept any recently except for one I have not seen anywhere. Its a grey digi with purple tips, and the tips also have white polyps on them. Its stayed a frag for a long time becsuse of fish breaking the new branches off :angryfire:
Anyone seen a digi like this?


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Hmm I tried searching for the threads, the must be super buried. I have never seen a digi like that, it sounds really awesome


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If I can remember everything I have so far
Tyree Sunset monti
Rainbow monti
Red monti cap
Reverse sunset monti
Poker star monti
Mystic monti
Grinch monti
Forrest fire digitata
purple/green polyp moti cap

I'll have to try and get some decent pictures later. I'm still working on taking tank shots.

Purple/green polyp monti cap
DSC01219 by Titan-Uranus, on Flickr


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I have three types of Montipora sp. in my tank: Montipora digitata, Montipora monaseriata and Montipora setosa. M. setosa is my most prized:



I love bengals
The white polyps only show on the new growth areas so far. Every branch it has grown has been broke off by fish. But,now I have it in a tank thst has only small fish and it's just finally gotten used to the leds I am experimenting with. The white polyps also are only half white, Or maybe even just a quarter of it is white. Really wierd, anyone seen this kind before? I will get a better pic once it grows out. The phone makes everything look purplish...


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This was my first monti, Tyree sunset
DSC01313 by Titan-Uranus, on Flickr

Orange digitata I just took on trade
DSC01314 by Titan-Uranus, on Flickr

Heres my mystic, its mad at me so the colors aren't as bright as they should be, but its growing super fast
DSC01317 by Titan-Uranus, on Flickr

Forrest Fire Digi. (waiting for the green to come back)
DSC01319 by Titan-Uranus, on Flickr

Reverse sunset monti, It was a rescue coral from an ammonia spike, so waiting for it to color back up, its actually grown quite a bit.
DSC01330 by Titan-Uranus, on Flickr

Poker star monti
DSC01341 by Titan-Uranus, on Flickr


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My favorite of mine is the forest fire. I have quite a few montis of different types but my FF is my favorite.

Crappy phone pics
Disturbed it to show body color =).. Grown from a 1/4" nub

Random monti pic (FF, confusa, mystic, bloody Mary frag, purple haze, and a German blue polyp hiding in the back)

Reef tech Starburst and German blue

Didn't really realize how many I had till I just counted.. 12 in total..but not all will make it when space counts as I'm partial to acro's lol.
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Dapg8gt, that FF Didgit. is hot.

my flavor of the month is my setosa

the gf really wanted some setosa cause it was pink in the store but all the full grown colonies were orange, yours is making me want to grab a frag now.

My favorite of mine is the forest fire. I have quite a few montis of different types but my FF is my favorite.

Any tips for holding on to that green color?