sick tang


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I have read many threads about ick and tangs on this site and how to treat. My question is I just started noticeing little black dots on both side of my yellow tang last night. Most what i have read about ick is it is white spots. Are these blacks spots ick or some other type of illness? If so how shold I go about treating? I have had the tang for 4 months or so, was QT for about a month with no signs of anything. NOthing else has been added to tank sence tang. Please any advice as I hate to lose this beautifull fish. It also has its own personality and injoys eating NORI seaweed right from my fingers.
Yes, black spots look just like picture of tang in that link. My only other question is after reading that link is it sounds like my clown fish could have this as well but hard to see signs. Should I treat him as well?
I would treat the clown fish ... should help insure your tank is pest free. However .. after the treatment remember that clown fish tend to get melanistic (sp?) marks as a result of their hosting in corals/anemone's etc. - those melanistic spots often tend to be larger than the smaller/micro dots associated with black ich.

Hope this helps.
Thank you, I will also treat clow. I do not yet have any corals or anemones in the tank. I am just not yet ready to make that step till I fell more comfortable with marine tanks. Should I do the 50 min formalin dip and put fish right back in tank or QT them. I gave tang a freshwater dip today and all spots came off. Tang took very well to this but I was very nervous as it was my first with freshwater dip. I was going to QT but decided to put back in DT. Sould I in 3 days when I do the formalin dip QT or put back in DT?
As indicated in the article .. fw dips are used by many in lieu of a formalin dip.

Qting isn't a requirement .. but if multiple treatments are necessary and catching fish is a PIA it might come in handy. May depend on how large your QT is as well as how easy the fish is to catch.
Thank you once again. I think I will just leave them in DT. FW dip did seem to do very well for removing spots. Only thing was that the tang released ALOT of poo. Is this normal? Which method would be safer, FW dip or formalin dip? What is the ingredients in formaline? I want to be as safe as I can for my fish, I was injured realy bad and have been out of work sence 2006 the only thing that has brought my spirits up is my watery friends.