Smaller stream ballpark pricing?


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This is for Rvitko: Im sure you donyt know the set US price for the smaller (new) stream, but do you have a ballpark guesstimate? I was just wondering so I know if I should upgrade now or later. I realy want the streams, but money is a big issue since Im only 15.

Thank you for your time,
The small synchronous Stream is going to be approx $125, this is model 6060 about 1700gph and non controllable. The small Electronic Stream 6000 will be approx $250. This unit will pulse and be variable between 800-2200gph. It is nice to hear from someone younger and in the hobby. How big will your set up be?
Thanks for the quick response! My tank is a 58g oceanic. It is a great little set-up, I even have a closet with a remote sump and refugium. $125 is a great price point. Can they be pre- ordered? I would love to be able to get one without the wait.

If your tank will be almost all SPS I can recommend these pumps, otherwise I would suggest you use a 7310/2. I have been using one in a 58gal for testing and it is a bit much for some of the LPS and clams. Of course you can play with positioning and make it work. I would not use anything finer than 2mm sand though. If you can get the Electronic pump, the pulsing will help keep the flow from being too unidirectional. I know it is alot more but perhaps you can shave off some money from somewhere else in your set up. Preordering is up to the vendors, I think it is too soon right now but I will try to make you aware the day I get positive confirmation they are in production. We are having some problems keeping up as it is and I don't want to start another mad rush.
Great info. It will be only sps. Also there is no sandbed so that should help. I cant realy justify the $250 though, so I will just have to make the uncontrollable one work. Thanks again.

P.S I could always test the one with the controller for you, if you only ran tests with the non- adjustable one!:D ;)
I did both, the customer who volunteered for the testing owned a 7210/2 which is the base of the smaller Stream so it was a simple conversion. The same with the smaller Synchronous stream, the base is a 1600/2 Turbelle, I own and use one of these so it was just converted for testing.
The new price list from Germany just arrived and the price for the 6060 is $115.48 and for the 6000 $218.82, a 6010 (6000 and Single Controller is $263.53. While not yet available I can at least give you firm price figures now.