Smallest Anthius ???????


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A pair of Sunburst Anthias are by far the largest fish in my 180. Most of my other fish are tiny so I have an active and interesting tank without a huge bioload.

I'de love to have a group of anthias in the tank, but only if they stay small.

Are there any Anthias that are tiny? Say 1 1/2 inch or less?

Dwarf Anthias?

Pygmy Anthias?


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The smallest I have seen are Pseudanthias parvirostris females but they still meaure out at about 2" or so. Males are about 2.5".
The undescribed ventrailis looking species that is collected from Tonga is about the same as above measurements.



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I have a Tierra Anthias in my tank along with Dispars and a Bartlett. He's small about 1.5". But he seems to be more of a cave dweller than an open water feeder.


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i would get maybe 5 dispars. They stay smaller (less then 3") and wont add to much of a load to the system especially if sunburst are the biggest fish you have :) you could easily do a small school of dispars, bartletts or the like.