Sohal tang looking for new home


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I have a large Sohal tang in my care that needs a new home. This fish has been in captivity for close to 10 years. He has been under my care for about 7 years. He is about a foot long, not including his streamer tail, and looks exactly like the Sohal in the Reef Central banner.
This is a very hardy fish that survived the October power outage for 5 days with no power or heat. The only other tankmate to survive was a purple tang. Neither fish saw one spot of ich after being in 55 degree water for 5 days.

This fish has never been in a tank smaller than a 180, and needs a large tank to call his home. He was one of the first fish back into the 180 after the storm, and is now harassing the new introductions. He'll need to be in a tank with well established, tough fish.

I'm not exactly giving this fish away, but I would like him to go to a good home.

If your interested in him, you can email me at


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Randy, I might be interested in the Big Sohal. I'll give you a call tomorrow. But first i have to try to catch the smaller Sohal Tang currently in my 220g tank and put him in my 120g tank(temporary until my brother 180g going up).



This fish will be perfect for my 10g goldfish tank!!! I have some Kosher salt that I can add to it too. The seahorse that is in there right now doesn't seem to be moving much but that's good...he won't bother the Sohal at all. If you can tell me what he likes to eat that would be great. I have lots of Spam in my fridge along with some liverworst. Do you think he'll eat out of my hand?? Just let me know when I can swing by and grab him. I'll need to take out the gravel and rinse it with some of the CLR stuff the night before. I want this tank to be just perfect for him!!!


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Sorry, Irwin was first. If he doesn't take it, your next in line.

Don't worry about the seahorse. They don't have much for fins, so they don't move much normally. That CLR stuff is great! Next time I'll try removing the gravel to clean it. Usually I just pour it right into the tank.



Randy, I'll have to keep my fingers crossed. It would be a real shame for you to pass me up though. I know a thing or two about keeping a nice goldfish tank!!! :blown:

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If the others don't work out, I'll take him. Have a 450 and the 900 is in progress.