Sorry, but another sizing question...


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What would you recommend for the following set-up?

Tank is 6' long by 3' wide by 30" high (approx. 300 gallons). It is viewable from both sides, so the LR will be arranged in the middle of tank. It will be a mixed SPS and LPS tank with clams.

I currently have about 3000 GPH flowing through four 3/4" Sea Swirls (one mounted in each corner of the tank), and about 3000 GPH flowing through a long spray bar burried in the rockwork (which prevents detritus from collecting in the rockwork, but does not create much appreciable flow).

Do you think I need anything else? I was thinking maybe four 6000's or two 6100's on a multicontroller. Or do I have enough flow already?

Thanks for your help.

It sounds like alot of flow but that all depends on where it is directed and how it is used and head pressure. These are things I can't say without seeing the install. Your tank sounds alot like mhurley's so perhaps you can send a PM and ask someone with some experience. I think if you see any detritus accumulating adding a couple streams won't hurt. I would get the 6100's if you do feel you need them.