Still looking for gigas


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I have been looking for 3-5 gigas clams for several months now. Can anyone help me with this? If you are local I will give you some nice frags as a finders fee. Thanks. Mike


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My LFS (Fish Safari) in Virginia Beach has a 5" gigas for $129.99. The mantle is a nice light "olive" color.


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That is a rediculous price. A few years ago that would be a $60 clam. THanks for the heads up though, unfortanately I am in CA.

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If the mantle is just dirty light brown color then yes, that is a bad price. However, if the mantle is a nice light 'stand-out' green (olive) color then 129.99 is a great price.


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Like I said, just a few years ago they were way cheaper. They weren't very common then either. A nice yellow green with blue spots tht was around 6" would retail for under $50. I don't understand why they don't farm more of these. They make the most sense for the food market and they would be pretty popular for the aquarium trade as well. Unfortuantely I don't need a huge one. I am for some 3-6" gigas. They will get huge on their own.


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they would be pretty popular for the aquarium trade as well

do you really think so?

sure you want one, and sure i want one, but how many others want one?

and is it only because they are uncommon? or do you think that if gigas were always readily available that there would still be a demand for them?

you gotta remember, maxs and crocs are generally alot more colorful and dont get as big.

how many people are going to commit to buying an animal that gets that huge? and you cant frag.

i have a 180 now, and i will snatch up a gigas when i get the chance, fully knowing that at some point in time i'll have to get a much bigger aquarium, just for my gigas.

anyways...good luck on your hunt.
i've been waiting...and i am still waiting to even see one at a LFS.
then its mine! all mine!


I had a conversation with G. Heslinga several years ago about gigas clams. Apparently of all the clam species, these guys are the hardest to get to spawn, especially to get them to release eggs. So that contributes quite a bit to the price and availability. My biggest gigas right now is over 13" and about 10 pounds.:D



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My biggest gigas

no wonder we cant get any gigas, youre hording them all!:lol:

so how many do you have?

anyways, since a few of us cant get our hands on them, i think all of you that do have gigas, should at least post pics for us to drool over!:rollface:


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Supply and demand is right!

When I had 12 of them, it took me 8 months to sell them. Now they are near impossible to have and I wish I had 12 of them.

Once I get twelve I think I will keep it a secret till eveyone else runs out!



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Just some informations i found out about this issue speaking with Dave from PAF..

the reason why there are no Gigas imported for the last couple of months is because they are almost depleted in the some of you might know, the Gigas isn't a big portion in the aquarium trade..but its mostly for consumption..about 80% of the Gigas collected goes to Hong Kong or Taiwan as food..Some of the Taiwanese fishing boats has been going to the regions where gigas are collected in such a large quantities that they are almost depleted..Like someone above mentioned about its harder for them to spawn and almost impossible to farm..the Clams in the ocean now are so far apart from each other, where as no spawning are taking place anymore..some of the scientists in the region has manually removed gigas clams and put them closer to each other now..hoping that they will reproduce is still a phase...and this is why we have not been able to get any Gigas clams in the US as they are restricted now for collecting.. (i think)

BTW..i want one of those monster too..heheh


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Re: Still looking for gigas

wakesetter said:
I have been looking for 3-5 gigas clams for several months now. Can anyone help me with this? If you are local I will give you some nice frags as a finders fee. Thanks. Mike

Where is local?


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I've been told by Knopp that the majority of aquacultured gigas go to the food trade, since there is usually more demand for them there than in the aquarium trade. For the most part, they send us the 'colorful' and smaller species which are more appropriately sized for out tanks.


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Agent SPS:

Local is Cental Coast of Ca, or anyone who wants to drive here or meet me half way. I would even ship if the price of the clam(s) was right.


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I'll try to post a different one.