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I have a strange looking creature that comes out of the rocks work at night, its about the size of a quarter. It is pinkish without the lighs on and has feet like a starfish but it is in the shape of a flower, sort of like a daisy. Any clue what it is? It looks to have some sort of blunt point on its top if that helps, I had my camera stolen or I would post a pic.


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sounds like some kind of sea urchin or a starfish. probably OK for now but may cause problems if you try to put some coral in there.


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anything like this ?



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There's also a 24 armed starfish that looks like a fat sunflower. You could have an infant.

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I'm guessing it's some type of echinoderm. But you definitely need to get some pics on here, not just for ID, but because it's description has peeked my interest.


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I have no idea what you have although I have, in the last couple days found a little something that I can't ID either. Basically I found a starfish (5 points, light light tan) about half the size of a dime on my back glass. I was able to snap a pic of that and I can post if you want.

Then he disappeared for a few days and today I find him (I think) on the top of one of my LR and I look a little closer and he's only got 3 points!

A) is it possible for them to change shape?
B) could he have been nipped at by a fish?
C) could it be a completely different little guy?

I couldn't get my camera at an angle to get a good picture of the todays find but if I can I could post that too.



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rip you've probably got an asterina starfish. they are always irregular shapes. I'd guess you probaly have alot more than two.