Stream availability in Canada

T.O Reefer

New member
What's the avaliability of this product in Canada.I've been trying to source the 6060 but every tunze product seems to be backordered.

What are my other options:ie[in stock U.S suppliers]
I have no control over the Canadian market, so I cannot comment on availability.
As far as I know, Bayside Aquarium Supply in Orange, California (at is the distributor of most of the European stuff to Canada, including Tunze and Korallin. I've talked to Greg Meyer there and he's directed me to MOPS ( Dan Cole at MOPS is a great guy to deal with. Bayside Aquarium Supply is wholesale only - no retail stuff.

J&L Aquatics is out of the Tunze streams at the moment, and they only get shipments every two months containing Tunze products. The last time they received anything was the beginning of June (I was talking to a sales guy there on Friday). So, Canadian clients are probably looking at the beginning of August before seeing them again.

That does suck (I'm trying to get my grubby hands on a pair of 6000's), but good things come to those who wait.