Suggestions Welcome on Tank Treating for Pest


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Ok, so here's the scoop. I know I got a good amount of Red Bugs so I've treated corals whenever they are starting to show negative signs. Been doing that for the past few months and now I've preparing to upgrade to a new tank. With that said, I know I had red bugs on at three of my corals, and I recently think I came into contact with some AEFW's on a coral as well.

I recently set up a 11g Rimless in my room thats about half way through a cycle. All base rock with one rock of seed from my main display. So I've been thinking of waiting x weeks so I know all the bugs however unlikely that they came from my sump on live rock dies in the 11g. Then xfering over all the corals and treating in Lugols solution then putting them all into the 11g. Then treating the 11g with Interceptor for the Red Bugs.

I figured once i xfered all my liverock into the new tank i would let it go for 8 weeks before i moved the SPS back into the 150. This way anything left on the liverock would die off and the tank in theory would be clean.

Any suggestions?Anything I'm missing or doing wrong, anything easier I can do? Also, whats the best way to get rid of AEFW? Or is Lugols good?