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Hey all, need some opinions and info.

Ive never been much of an acrylic worker and never really found the desire or need to mess with it much.
Ive always used basic sumps, mostly baffless / non sectioned. Always seem to work fine for me. I just look at the sump as a place to locate the skimmer, reactors, drip calcium and alk. supplements and drain water from and return back to display.

So my questions ... what are the supposed advantages of a sectioned/baffled sump? Im curious as to whether there is any real benefit over the way I set up my baffless sumps. Not interested in refugium discussion.

I'll add some details ...
Sump is approx 36" long, 13" wide.
I use an ATO, water level is stable for skimmer and SG.
Drains are on one end, return on opposite end.
High flow through the sump (close to 900 GPH) but there are no microbubbles returned to the display.
The intake for the return pump is located AFTER the skimmer.

That about covers the basics. So what are the real advantages to a sectioned and/or baffled sump over my baffless? What am I missing?
Im sure I probably missed some details that some may find relevant so I'll address them as they come up. Any and all input welcome and appreciated.


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unless you are having troubles with bubbles or would like to make part of it a fuge, what you have works just fine! I used a 20l for the sump on my 120 for about 15 years - no baffles, no nothing - just like you said - just a place to put the stuff i don't want to look at in the DT!!!