sumps with skimmers built in?


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My LFS has sumps with dual protein skimmers built in.
Has anybody seen these before and how go they stack up against the off the shelf skimmers?

They gave them running on all there tanks, they run the flow through these dual white sack looking things with no bio balls.
You don't want that. Much easier, cheaper, and more flexible to just build your own sump with a glass tank, and buy a skimmer to go in it. You'll get MUCH better performance than any of those built in skimmers (provided you get a decent skimmer), and you can always upgrade later too.
Nccmike, trust me, three skimmers later you will thank the folks on this board for steering you straight. Too many times we want to get the "cheap" thing when in fact, it is ususally junk. I laugh at myself when I look at my past skimmers. Then I found this skimmer called a Beckett injection skimmer and I never looked back. I know the sumps you are talking about. One way I always guage an LFS is if they use (home or work) what they sell. Pruess Animal House in East Lansing, MI uses what they sell!! You can actually see it in action before you buy. Pruess is responsible for selling me on Tunze Streams. They use, they sell it. Same goes for the ER skimmers. They were the first (that I saw) to use the recirculating ER skimmers. (ER = Euroreef). Ask you LFS who seels this if they use it and see if it is doing what they say it will. Force them to put their money where there mouth is. It is not unresonable for an LFS toset up a skimmer like you describe on a small tank for display purposes. Wheww, let me get off of my soapbox. PLEASE, don't skimp on a skimmer, you'll kick yourself later on down the road.
I agree whole-heartedly with Mr James & trmiv.... Do not skimp on the skimmer, you will save yourself a lot of problems down the road.
ok, sounds like the unit is cheese.

I currently have the seaclone nightmare and am looking to upgrade.

Whats a good skimmer for a 110 thats not real big bucks?

Also I'm real short on space in my sump, barely fits the clone.

"ok, sounds like the unit is cheese." <-- that's hilarious!!

a 110 is a lot of tank. Way too big for a sec clone. I have only had good success with beckett style skimmers. Although I did run a Snailman skimmer on a 100g full of live rock. Worked well, but was too big and cumbersome. But the new craze is recirculating skimmers. I read through the whole story on these DIY skimmers made out of 5g water cooler jugs. If you have some DIY blood in you, I'd go for something like that. I have too many things on my plate right now or I'd try it myself. Other than that, there are quite a few skimmers for sale on the boards. But I'd check the DIY section first if you are looking to save some bucks. Who knows, you might just pioneer the next big DIY skimmer craze!!
good skimmers don't come cheap, that's for sure, but you want one that is rated for at least 200 gallons IMO. Though many might disagree, but for your size system, an ASM or turbofloater might suit you well (the former being superior in design, but the latter being a little easier on the wallet) I run my 120 FOWLR with a turbofloater 1000, and as long as I keep up on the maintenance, that thing cranks out the skimmate. I'll let others chime in with their opinions regarding other brands I have no experience with.

I can say that I have a Remora skimmer for a smaller tank which I hung on the sump and it is unbelieveably efficient. They make a Remora-pro model which you might be able to hang on your sump if you can find the space. It is compact in design, and so-long as you don't have a heavily stocked tank, it might suit you well.
dont get a remora i had one and it didnt pull out anything even after completely cleaning it and they are expensive for what you get and completely underrated for your 110 i have had a turboflotor, remora pro, and an asm g2. i will guarentee you that the asm will pull out more nasty stuff then both of the previously mentioned skimmers. My turboflotor was modded slightly and it worked fairly well however the unmodded asm g2 pulled out about 4 times as much stuff in the same amount of time. And you can find them for around 200-230 sometimes with free shipping. do a search for the asm club forum and ask where is a good place to get them . good luck and happy reefing
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ASM or turbofloater might suit you well (the former being superior in design, but the latter being a little easier on the wallet) I run my 120 FOWLR with a turbofloater 1000, and as long as I keep up on the maintenance, that thing cranks out the skimmate.

I totally disagree that the ASM is a better design than the TF.

That being said, my TF cranks out skimmate like it is its job. ( is)... for like 3 days. Then I have to clean the neck. Its a great design, but the design has some sacrafices. Skimming efficiency is optimized, but theres more maintenance.
Rich: Doesn't the TF require two pumps versus ASM's single pump?? Besides, ther are folks on here that'll tell you their Delted would beat both of your skimmers put together, which I agree with.
I agree completely Mr James, (having just purchased a deltec for my new system...) but it is certainly not within everyone's budget, I believe the thread starter wanted one which wasn't 'big bucks'

but NCMIKE, if you have the means, (sell the dog, 2nd mortgage, etc...) you will not be disappointed in a deltec.

oh, and the TF is a single pump.
just hang out on the selling board for a while. I just picked up an MR1 w/ pump for $175 shipped--not to shabby IMO, as it would be about $350 new
yeah i think any skimmer included in a package is not worth the $$... with simmers seriously it's worth it to splurge... is that a word? either way, go top dollar with the skimmer... or learn through experience, either way, you can't find a cheap skimmer that performs!!!!!!!
Ever though about a CSS 220? Not an AWESOME skimmer, but is very good for the price. (170 shipped NEW) (froogle it)

Here is a skimmate shot in 24 hours on my 55. (It is in HOT mode, but is easily placed in-sump, or even hang-on-sump like Deuce67)


I would look into it.


a CSS is 170 shipped but you can get an ASM for around 220 and it is a much better skimmer. IMHO plus i heard horror stories of how the CSS overflowed and partially drianed peoples tanks. And The turboflotor is a decent skimmer which did need 2 pumps at least mine did the ocean runner is a recirc pump and then it needs a feed pump. and the ASM G 2 was a much better skimmer again in my oppinion.