Super Reef Octo SSS3000INT


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I got my new stand and mocked it up and I just can't make my 40 breeder sump from the 200 work. I need to build a 30 gallon sump. So my total water volume will be around 140-145 gallons. This sucker it too big, and overkill IMO.

I know expensive higher end stuff is hard to move, but I'll try.

Used 2+ years. New version Bubble Blaster replaced by Coralvue free under warranty.

$559 new

Looking for $350 FIRM!

If it sells great! If not, I'll figure it out, so please no lowballs.

Thanks for looking



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Really? I will use it if it doesn't sell, just now I have to downsize my sump too so space is the other issue. My new system is definitely not going to have a big fish bioload either.

Have you seen a big reduction in skimmate since you cleaned everything out?