Surface film on overflow tank.


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Hello Everybody,

I have a 90 Gal overflow tank with a Euro-Reef skimmer in the sump. The problem I am having is the there is this white film on the surface of the water but only on the left side of the tank.

Now what would be the best way to direct the film twords the overflow? The film only stays on the right side of the tank where it spins around and around. (Maybe its the cooling fans?) If I push the film over twords the overflow manualy it will go down the drain, but I would hate to have to do this manualy everyday. I suspect it may be the way my return nozzles are pointing. Have you everhad this problem or any ideas to fix this?

Thank you so much!


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Its a flow problem, try to point nozzles/powerheads toward that way and it should disappear. Hope that helps.

sc reefer

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This is a build up of organic material on the surface of the water. Just point the flow more upwards and the film will dissapate.