Tank cleaning


Has anybody ever been attacked by their mantis while cleaning the inside walls of the tank? I'm under the impression most mantises are less dangerous than people make them out to be, but just wanted to know people's actual experiences before I stick my hand in there...
my mantis went for my hand when io stuck it in there. I would say just be careful, make sure you know where he is and don't have your hand over there.
the peacock i had was very aggressive, so i never even thought about putting my hand in the tank....besides, their strikes can cause infection when they break the skin. Dr. caldwell's finger swelled up pretty bad and ached for a few days, but atleast one person has needed amputation (spelling?) because of an O.s. strike.
I have such a little guy, I doubt he could break my skin. He has come out and whacked things I've had in my hand tho. It's a shock to see a little 3" thing come out and attack something large like a turkey baster.:D
My 3" n. wennerae hides when I clean the glass.

However I tried to move his rock once and he didn't care for that. It's like getting snapped with a rubberband. Of course the surprise factor was enough to make water fly :p .

What kind and how large is your mantis ???

Oh, that...well, Agu, I think you know the fate of my first mantis...I have no idea what kind it was, but it wasn't a peacock and it wasn't your standard hitchhiker...it was about 3" long and I paid about $70 for it including shipping (so that means my puffer is worth about $150 now :rolleyes: ). My next mantis will not actually be ordered until the tank is cycled, maybe not even until I have the 6 set up as a mini reef, I'm not sure yet...but I'm going to look for another one that's about a good 3", and probably not a peacock (from what I've read here so far it looks like they'd have more trouble molting?). Thanks for your responses, I'll probably do a few test runs with a fish net or something before I stick my hand in there; if it hides I'll go ahead and clean by hand, and if not I'll get creative and let it go crazy attacking whatever I clean with! ;)