tank drilling

tom obrecht

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Has anyone ever drilled a tank in a vertical position before. I have a 260 custom from Oceanic and didn't have any cicular loop holes drilled. Now I want to add flow but am leary to have it done. I would have to have the tank drained down, but leave it in a vertical position for drilling for I can't move the tank. Any hints would be helpful.


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I have, but nothing over 100 gallons, however always contact a professional before you decide to do it.


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I did a 120, but I didnt drill... I used the dremel grinding method. Problem is, I dont know if your glass is tempered, and I dont know how much thicker (if any) the glass is on your larger tank.

I'd get in touch with the manufacturer first (who will swear up and down not to drill, but...) get the specs and then hand it off to a glass shop. Its going to take some shopping because you will find most of them are too leary to cut the holes or dont have that large a bit on hand.