Temperate Deep-water setup


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I have been keeping both freshwater and marine inverts/fish for a number of years now, but the animals that have intrigued and captivated me the most are undoubtedly the ones that inhabit the deep sea.

I started planning for such a tank about a year ago and this is where I'm at currently after getting the tank built/set up and sourcing for livestock. (Both buying and collecting)

Tank : 3 X 1.5 X 1.5 Dual pane glass & 32" sump with Central overflow ( 14°C)
Pump : Jebao 9000
Chiller : Hailea HS-66A 1/4 HP
Skimmer : Bubble Magus C3.5
Lights : Current USA LED+



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That is really cool. What are their dietary needs? Most deep water things that crawl on the floor of the ocean are scavengers eating whatever lands there-mostly fish right? I'd expect care to be fairly easy...

edit: yep, looked into the giant isopod you can leave them for months without food if you needed to, they are adapted for it.


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Is this your only display tank? Really awesome, but certainly not something I would want to keep in my living room. Just your photos are totally creeping my wife out.


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This is my one & only display tank. No problems with pressure, despite some of these isopods being pulled up from about 500m depth.

Metanephrops sp.


Japanese spear lobster - Linuparus trigonus

Dardanus arrosor

Japanese box crab - Calappa japonica



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The varying styles of marine aquariums is what draws me to the hobby. Good job on creating something unique. Hopefully it's not an extension of your personality. Creepy. :)


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Wow! Really unique and inspiring tank set-up. One question though... where the hell did you get a giant isopod :eek1:??!! If I could source some of these kinds of animals I would definitely consider setting up a tank such as this. Just awesome, good job :beer:


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Your tank is so strange! I love it! haha

That anthias is pretty awesome, also the Japanese box crab. :)


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The isopods may occasionally be available through some Japanese suppliers. In some places they can be picked up as bycatch from trawlers, although these tend to be in poor condition.