Thanks Kip


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I'd like to thank Kip for a very informative meeting on saturday. Your tank is pretty cool too. Again, thanks to you and your family for an enjoyable time.



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Thanks Ben,

it is most kind. My hope is to provide as much information in a very short time frame. Any suggestions are always helpful.

One thing I realized I forgot was a reefers emergency kit. Oh well, guess we can always have a meeting to talk about it.



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Thank you again for imparting some very good and usfully information. Thank your daughters, again, for keeping an eye on Conner. And thank your wife, again, for allowing us to invade your home.

Also, that prime rib was incredible!!



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I would also like to thank you Kip. I've only had my tank up for about a year now, and really appreciated the "basic" information. I had been to one other meeting at Dave's house, and felt a bit overwhelmed. So this was a great idea, it helped confirm many questions I have had.