things that go pop in the night


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here lately after i turn the lights out i start hereing little ticking noises, i have no fish as of now, just 2 shrimp, blood & peppermint. i waited till it got started then i got my flash light out, i didnt see anything, but it sounded like it was coming from my 330 pinguin filter, paintbug said look in side of it you may have a pistol shrimp in there. i took it off the tank to the sink i pulled the two blue filters out it was about 10 or 11 little white things about the size of a small tick, & 1 skinny worm with a lot of legs. that all i seen in it, i through the filters away & cleaned out the box & the wheels. & put it all out side. i didnt think i should put it back in, i may not of got them all out, do i need it back in there i have a extra one, but i will have to buy 2 more wheels. i do have a skimmer in there. what do you think.
It could be part of your filter popping like you said. But the first thing that came to mind was a pistol shrimp. The best way I can think to describe the sound that I can think of is tapping a couple rocks together. There is a mantis shrimp that will club through snail shells and that could be what your hearing. but it isnt a couple clicks in a row it takes some time for them to break the shell open.

hope that helps.
what was that worm thing? & could i here it if it was in a shell? it ticks two or three in a row then one time. do i need 2 put it back in?
The worm thing was most likely a bristle worm. They are very common in tanks and are a good thing. They don't make noise. :)
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