Thoughts on Rod's food


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I use it, and all my fish seem to love it. All my clowns eat it --- pair of B&W Os, pair of Clarkiis, and a pair of pink skunks. (( my potter's angel, flame angel, and blue face angel love it too. ))

I use other foods too, but I am very pleased with it. Granted, it is easy for me to get at several LFSs, so I don't have to pay for shipping.


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dont rinse it, i dont know about phosphates but my skimmer gets out the uneaten food before it can break down anyway


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When i went over there he said that he does the best possible to ensure the least amount of phosphates...also rods is the only way to go


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My fish love it too. You can order it online, but the last time I checked, it cost $42 to ship a $20 pack of it.


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My LFS refuses to sell it. They said there wouldn't be enough of a demand for it. Is there a good place online that sells it?

i got my LFS to order 20 packs and they sold out in 13 days, and have continued to sell lots of it.