Tire reef in florida


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Goodyear: We need to throw away large amounts of tires. What do we do?

Moron: Why don't we throw these toxic rubber in the ocean and make it seem as though we are helping the environment.

Goodyear: Let's talk to Florida government and see if we can sell this idea.

Florida: I am sold! Even without any testing whatsoever of the chemical contents of tires versus its effect in ocean life, why don't we just become smart alecks' and dump them in there and proclaim we can create the first ever largest artificial reef?

Goodyear: These folks are suckers. We can sell them tires that claim to save gas and the environment and they'd buy it.


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I know hind sight is 20/20 but does anyone else think this just sounded like a bad idea from the start. You would think that they would test this before dumping a huge load in the ocean.


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i dove that "reef" last year around april... aside from a few sea fans and some beautiful angels it was pretty baron... strong underwater currents too...


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didnt htey use iron to hold the tired together?
we all know what happens to iron in water...

this is kinda old news. but the major concern was the tires bumbing into the nearby living reefs


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It was probably a way for Goodyear to (a) corrupt the government on tax breaks due to environmental efforts, (b) find a cheap way to dump tires/excess products, and (c) media attention at that time.

If the person who called the shots on that project still works for Goodyear, y'all know what kind of decision making process those folks do for your goodyear products.

Goodyear tires suck anyways. Don't buy Goodyear. Don't buy Firestone. Buy everything else.


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There's alot of unusual artificial reefs in florida. Tanks and other military equipment, boxcars, old bridge pieces, reef-balls, fake rocks, etc. etc. All seem to work fine. This was obviously not thought out too well. But then again, what environmental concerns did they have in the early 70's.... this shows the mentality at the time.