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Well this is the second glass top i have cracked and is getting covered in salt every few days. I dont really feal like buying another one and im getting sick of cleaning it every 3 days, Would it be bad to go topless or would i evaporate to much water. right now im evaporating about a half a gallon a day on my 29g(no sump/refuge). Would the lighting which is mounting on legs get salt spray or would i be alright? putting a order in for the 2x40w system for the 10g figured i would everything i need now. Thanks
Tops = Low PAR. Tops will filter out about 20% of your light atleast. Unless you have no good way to top off your tank, I see no reason to keep tops on there. Your tank heats up more, there is less gas exchange and you filter out PAR. If you want to make sure your fish dont jump out get egg crate or put something over the back of the tank so they cant get out. Otherwise GO TOPLESS!! :p
living at home right now(saving rent) my mom refuses to let me put any more crap in my room so my top off system is wake up and poor some RO water in that i get at the grocery :) i have a preskimmer on my Remora so if i forget more then one or two days then the pump would run dry
You can still setup a top off with a water container and two pieces of tubing. If you get a 3 gallon container you would be down to once a week for refills. PAR isn't that a golf term. LOL
the only problem would be that i could not use gravity to top off the tank. I would have to put the small container below the tank. is that what you meant?
would there be a cheap way to put a container in the stand and use a pump/powerhead to pump water up to the tank. I cant really afford to spend a lot of money right now.Thanks
If you have a container, I got one from Cub foods. I replaced the valve with a hose barb. when the lid is screwed on it is air tight. If you drilled a hole in the top and add another hose you just put one hose in the tank, put the other hose at the water level you want the tank to stay at. When the water level goes below the hose at the tank level it will let air into the water container thus letting water into the tank. When the water level covers the hose again the drain stops. a simple principal but it works.