torn mantle and recovery


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The LFS has several maxi's and of course the most beautiful one has a couple small nips of the mantle. The clam is extended well and repsonds to movement very rapidly. I paid for him and told the owner I'll pick him up in a week if he's doing well. Will this heal quickly or should I cut my losses and pick another clam? The nips are small. They are about the size of these parentheses ()
My crab ate parts of my clam's mantle, but under stress-free environmetns, good lighting, and good waterquality, it will heal itself in a couple weeks.
Compared to the way this guy maintains his shop my tank might seem like a toilet with a birthday candle over it.
He's a fish NAZI.


I bumped my clam with a magnet cleaner once, and pinced a little hole in the mantle that healed in only a week. No sign of it now.
Man, I felt like a clown when I did that, the mantle was pinched for a couple of hours so I was worried.