Tort vs Birdsnest


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I have a tort and a birdsnest that I placed too close. The birdsnest is growing really fast. Just about to touch. Both have encrusted onto the rock. Any idea who would win this fight? Do I need to seperate or will they work it out?




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Rule of thumb

Cheaper coral always wins.

Also works with infections & AEFW's. Most expensive/beautiful corals get zapped first.


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I just lost a tort from an aggressive brown/blue staghorn that grew too pretty above it and blocked out the sun!

The tort was glued in place and the stag was too pretty.

Trim that side of the birnest or move the tort.


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Thanks guys. I will try to move the birdsnest. Both have been doing really well in that position but if I had to choose I think I would prefer not to move the tort.


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That looks like an ORA tort and an ORA birdsnest. That birdsnest is a weed and will quickly take over that tort!


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Yes that is correct. They are both ORA corals and the birdsnest is growing like a weed. I just moved it but I don't think there is anywhere I can put it that will give it enough room. Now it is in between another large acro colony and a large monti cap. Will the birdsnest generally win the wars against all others? I've already fragged it to trim it back. I guess I will just need to keep fragging it.

btw, I am amazed at how long that "acro smell" stays on your hands after touching them. I wasn't really handling it that long and have washed my hands 3 times already and can still smell it. Is it just me?