touchscreen controller

this dude is the king of DIY high tech - I counted numerous relays, two VFD drives, a huge industrial controller, and some VERY slick looking programming all VERY nicely packaged.
"this dude is the king of DIY high tech"

None of that looks terribly DIY ( except putting it in a cabinet).

Just about everything you see is industrial control COTS ( commercial off the shelf ). I suspect it was a professional industrial control designer, but I cant read chinese ;-)

Still very cool. Guessing over $10,000 easy though.

He had fun! Looks like he had the classic noise issues, often caused by VFDs. Notice all the ground wires that suddenly sprout out of nowhere about halfway thru.

I have to say that is one of the most interesting set ups I've seen, weighed against the epitome of a boring display tank. I pity those bored fish.
Here's a translation to the first post;

The hands of some equipment. DIY fish tank, me.
Please Shixiong than D views:)

1. Time will be displayed on the touch-screen. And to facilitate set

2. Control of lights working hours (including halogen lamps. Blue light. Cylinder at the end of lights. Moonlight lights. LED lights)

3. Join the feeding function. (Time to create all kinds of pumps and flow. WAVEBOX. Automatically work)

4. Settings ozone-time work (such as feeding. Pm)

5. Flow control made me (about five seconds to stop start .4 seconds)

6. WAVEBOX control work hours (such as feeding. Pm)

7. Control DIY Wbx (about three seconds start .3 seconds to stop. THNZE WAVEBOX synchronized with the work)

8. Blackout automatically transferred to state of emergency (all electrical appliances off. Only open for a main circulating pump)

9. Automatically when the normal power supply switch

10. Cylinder control of the top Pai Qishan cooling time

Can be more functional:

1. Temperature control (with digital interface to temperature control. Ultra-high)
Can return the water-cooled machine

2. Blackout alarm call (requires MODEL. Line-bit)

3. Can access various sensors (such as the water level switch)

Google translate for the win ;)

-Mike C.