Tunze 6000 for new 75g rr , is it too much?


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I am starting a 75g rr ,I am adding water now, plan on adding sand and LR next week, 2 things I do not have yet are lighting and circulation pump, my return pump is mag 9.5.
Would the 6000 be too much for 75g Oceanic, I do not plan on keeping Hard corals, plan to keep things that will be ok with PC lighting.
I would like to be able to hide the pump, and I was thinking of this pump with the deco rock , with the adjustable dial, would I be able to control flow so I do not have too much flow?
thank you.
If you are keeping low light soft corals and LPS you should probably consider the 7300/2 with a single controller. It is far more appropriate for this application. You could use the Stream dialed down but the flow will not carry very well, the pressure is so low with the flow turned down it is not as effective. A 7300/2 would be my choice, it will work very well for mushrooms, polyps, colt corals and most basic soft corals. Unfortunately their is no way to hide it. If you go with the Stream though the Deco Rock has to be positioned at the top as the pump will need cleaning so it really is not possible to completely hide the equipment.