Tunze Comline Skimmer 3110 Specs


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Hello, Roger.

I am in the planning stages of my FOWLR setup (30 gal. display w/10 gal. sump - 37.5 gal. capacity) and am thinking of using Tunze's Comline 3110 Skimmer in my sump. Would it be possible to get more dimensional specifications for this skimmer? The dimensions on Tunze's website graphic is unreadable. I just want to make sure it will function properly in my sump, which is located within my display tank's stand (space is at a premium!).

Thanks in advance for your reply.
3110/2 is rated to 52gals. 37 was both a typo and prior to a performance upgrade- it should have been 42l and since we have improved the venturi and skimmer cup to boost perfrmance. The dimensions are 4.9 * 2.1 *13.3" and 7-8.7" must be submerged. Optimum performance is achieved with a constant water line at about 8" submerged.
So do these specs on the gallons you gave still apply? The marine depot site says:

Model# : 3110/2
Tank Capacity (Gallons): up to 39

Jon Wall
Yes, first their was a misconversion in the catalogue 2 years ago, that converted 180L to 39 gals, it is 47, then we increased the performance slightly so it is now rated up to 200L. It will outperform most competing skimmers rated to 75gals in my experience.