Tunze for 3ft tank


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hi there, I'm interested in getting a tunze to improve my water circulation for my 3ft tank (3x2x2). One of the reason also because of cyano attack that prompts me to increase my water circulation.

My tank inmates mainly consists of 2x percular, dottyback, maroon clown, yellow tank and algae eating goby. As for corals, I have brain, ganiporas, ricordea and 2 clams.

My questions are as follows:

1. Which model of Tunze is suitable for me?
2. Will the Tunze model you recommend be too much for my tank?
3. I'm using "0" grade sand. Will the Tunze cause sandstorm?
4. Does a controller helps to minimize too much water flow? ( this sounds quite stupid when water flow is never too much!).
5. How does one measured water flow? and what is minimum water flow should suffice.

Please help and comment.

thanks for your reading and comments.
The minimum water flow I would recommend for your tank would be about 1000gph, up to 2000 would be good. I think I would use a 7400/2 with a single controller. This way you could turn it down if the flow was too high. It should not create a sand storm if properly set up.