Tunze Wavebox or Vortech...


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I have not tried the tunze wave box but I hear it good as a add so I would go with the Vortech.....


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The Wavebox and Vortechs provide two different types of flow.

One thing you may want to consider is that there is a minimum length of tank for which a Wavebox will work (I think it is 48"). The shorter the tank the higher the resonant frequency.

Waveboxes will create a tremendous amount of flow once you consider the whole volume of your tank moving a couple inches every second or so - but it is a different type of flow than you would get from a Vortech, Tunze, or Korilia which typically is a higher velocity inline with the pump and slower elsewhere.

With USC-fan, if you can, both is a great way to do it. I've got both Tunze Wavebox and Streams and it is great.