Two 6000's and 7095 setup ???


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Just had a general question. I am sure I can get it from the manuals but thought I would ask.

The magnets should have been delivered today so I can mount my two 6000's and 7095 controller tonight in my 120.

Where do I leave the adjustment screw on the 6000 control boxes set to?

I will end up having them turned down via the 7095 to 30-50% on setting 2 (which I understand is my 'friend') !

Do I have to turn the driver boxes down for both 6000's or just leave them on max and let the 7095 do all the work???


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The driver should be at full power when using a controller. The 7095 is supposed to override a driver setting but having the driver on low power can cause alarms and erratic operation.