UGH. New refugium won't fit my tank?


I'm soooo frustrated. My CPR HOB Refugium (small) finally arrived today.....and doesn't fit my tank.

I almost came unglued. I thought I was very careful about my measurements and while I knew it would be a bit wider than any side of my hex tank (by 2.5"approx), I was sure the intake and return would be close enough to fit over the 10.5" edge of my tank. Well they're much too wide.

The only option I see other than returning it is to let the outtake & middle brace of the fuge rest on the rim of the tank with the excess including intake resting outside of the tank. Then connect some hose & fittings from the intake up and over the edge and down into the water to the powerhead.

Am I trying to hard? I just can't bare the thought of returning it as it took sooo long to get to me. I've included can see my existing intank fuge.

Would love to hear from some of the older salties.







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I would just plumb a new return, or intake closer to the other. Just need a bulkhead and a hole saw. I am assuming that these current fittings are glued to the plastic. If so, you could just cut off the extra one once you have added the new one and patch the hole w/ some acrylic, or not cut it off and plug it if it hangs outside the tank. Don't be angry, just get creative. :)


Both intake & outake are on bulkheads and easily rotated in at an angle! hmmmmm

Think 2.5 gals is too much weight to hang on side of hex?


Well I completed the install of the new fuge. It's a bit of a beast but at least the fuge is not in the tank anymore...taking up swimming space, blocking light from reaching the left-top of the reef & on the same light schedule as the DT.

I'm no big fan of the hex but It was the best fit for my situation. I have a 55 planted freshwater tank but not only do I not know if it was ever treated with copper (i got it used) but my wife and I are planning on purchasing a home perhaps in the next 6 months. I'd rather have a 55 fresh and 30 gal reef to break down then 2 reefs and why start something like that only to break it all down 6 months later?

The hex fits nicely in our bedroom and as this is my first "reef" tank (been running FOWLR & planted fresh for 15+ yrs) it's a good learning experience.

When we get our home and I've assessed the new space I'm going to go much larger and would like to start with a new tank.

Anyway thanks to all again for the help and here's the pics for what it's worth.