Uhh Oh - possible leak


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Well the all-glass is 25+ years old. A lot of salt creep around the bottom trim and I do not appear to be able to wick all of the water out with paper towel...

Time will tell, but the bottom seam may have a tiny leak. I hope not, as I just got things moving nicely with SPS and fish.

I have been forbidden an "upgrade" but when I told the warden "we may have a leak" and "If I get a new one it may be a foot bigger and a few inched taller) she either didn't notice or has given up on the fight....

Anyway, possibly 60x20x24 or something like that. I don't want to push it to 72x20x24 or I may go to solitary for pushing my luck. Would be amazing to go a bit bigger and do the closed loops and other things I have wanted, but honestly not at all looking forward to swapping out a thriving system and possibly taking a large step backward.

Time will tell...
Not overly worried. Going to keep an eye on it and see if it really a leak or just large accumulation of water in trim from something else. Requested some quotes for customs but not heard back. Also somewhat stunned that most of these folks want 3k to 5k for a custom 120. That is actually insane.
Dang that sucks if it’s a leak. And I agree. That’s part of the reason why I haven’t gone with the custom that I want (72x30x16).
I have never seen them less than $79. Other brands may be cheaper but they arent made the same way.
I have 3 100s and a 150.
They have provided a quote… by all accounts, the company and product are great quality with new ownership. ~3500 + shipping for why I want. Prompt response amd a phone call to clarify details.

Never heard back from Reef Savvy, left VM and emailed quote address and Felix directly. If they are not interested in my business I not interested in giving it to them.

Miracles responded once for clarification and have not heard since.
So - the leak (if it exists is tiny) but the left side of the side of the stand has taken water damage.

When I built it, I poured 1/4" or more of self leveling epoxy over the top of wafer board. It appears that over time a small portion of the unsealed edge has absorbed water and swelled. There is a visible arc in the stand AND the bottom side trim has conformed. I do not know if this has or to what extent stressed the seams, side panel or bottom (floating above trim). The stand framing is partly integrated into the wall framing. I also have some places where algae growing under the silicone on the front. Not to the seal yet, but I imagine it will get there one day.

So leak or not, this has to be addressed in the reasonable future.

Current tank is a 75. I am somewhat limited with depth into the fish room. I have 3 basic choices.

1) Use the current hole in the wall and replace the 75 with another 75 (custom or not)

2) custom 48 x 22 x 24 (or whatever height) for about 130 gallons. A bit more depth and height. Same width and minimal demolition. Simple stand top repair.

3) custom 60 x 20 x 24 (or whatever height) for about 130 gallons. This would require more wall demo and a fully rebuilt stand.

I am having trouble between 2 and 3 from an aesthetics, coral (SPS) and fish standpoint.

Asking for thoughts and opinions here.
If it's going to continue to be in the wall there's zero reason to overpay - meaning no need for rimless or beveling and only the front needs to be starfire if you so choose. I actually say go as deep as you can so if it's 22, then option 3 needs to be 60 x 22 x 24. I really would say go taller but 30 boarders on unmanageable but maybe 27 or something. Of course this gets us potentially back to overpaying for odd glass cuts. Is there some reason 130 was your goal number?
Yep - starfire front only - debating if I really even want to pay for that.

I have come to find that eurobraced or perimeter braced costs just as much as rimless when it comes to custom.

Deeper than than 22 creates a space issue that I would rather not deal with. 22 is pushing it a bit but comfortable. 24 would be problematic I think unless I moved the overflow to one end and lose surface skimming to an extent.

I was going to consider 30 tall, but I am afraid it will be too hard to work in and lighting becomes an issue too I would imagine.
I think you should go for it.... As big as you want. You served your sentence already with the warden.

30" isn't that bad. Mine is 7'x32"x30"H. 24" would be just right. Easy enough to move corals around and lighting is not a problem at that depth.