Vertex Omega 150


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In less than 36 hours. I have my vertex already collecting. This is my first vertex, I had skimz protein skimmers prior to this and all I can say about the difference is WOW!!!!

You can't even compare these two, I was constantly fighting to tune the skimz and so far this has just been simple!

Thought I would share my excitement so far, I have high hopes for a great relationship with this skimmer, finally!!

These pics are almost exactly 36 hours from receiving my package from ups


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I've got one also and love it. Running it almost a year. Pump is slightly noisey but skims awesome. Nice sump.....have a trigger emerald as well.


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150 gallon tank. I have had skimz sm163, sm201 and sm203

201 and 203 were both on 250 gallon tanks.

Never loved any of them. They would never hold a tune. Constantly needed to be adjusted and had several pump failures. They replaced every pump that failed, but I would rather not have to replace any pump.

Thought it was time for a change

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I had my Omega on my 120 with some rather large fish and it appreciated the added bio-load of a bio pellet reactor it actually came to light at that point. Between the two they stripped my tank. My Purple Tang was showing stress.