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So I sent in 2 oooold units for service (one was @10 years old, the other I bought used and had running for 5+). One was totally dead, the other had a shaft that came out - I had attempted to glue it back in with CA glue but I went ahead and put the prop shaft in as well - so the magnet stuck to the side causing the shaft to set crooked resulting in noise.

Rog told me what I had already figured out. But let's just say he hooked me up nonetheless with some replacement units under very favorable terms.

Very happy with the performance of these units and I have no intention at the moment of looking elsewhere for power heads with service/replacement such as this.


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Roger is the very best! Been using Tunze for almost 20 years. His support, willingness to talk, teach and troubleshoot are second to none. Not many folks have been a long time presence like Roger.