Wanted: Frogspawn, Blasto, or Candy Cane, etc...

Mr. Thingdoer

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I'm looking to stock my reef with Frogspawn, Blasto, or Candy Cane, Hammer corals. I'd also be interested in a small anemone. I've been spending a lot of time just staring at my reef, but have come to realize that it's really bare. I just got laid off, so I'm only looking for reasonably priced corals, or obviously anything that you could spare to give away.


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I just fragged this one:


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Have all of the above give if your close to Park Ridge give me a PM I need to thin some stuff out.


Mojo Jojo

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I'll see if I have anything to frag. I just fragged a few days ago. I'll be in the city all day tomorrow up to 8PMish LMK if you plan to trip out here. Don't worry about the cash free :) .


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Check advance aquatics for frogspawn,I was there last time and there LPS are great this time around. Good luck