Water evaperation - AZ


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Because of other issues, I'm working on my tank now so the light hood is off the tank, and the entire top is open. I have an enclosed light hood.

In a few days, it looks like it snowed on the top of my tank, covering the tank rim, filter, etc.

I know that is water evaperation (hot and dry in AZ) and the salt that carry with it. At some spots, it's hard to come off, and leave ugly marks on the tank, and stand.

Question: Many of you have the tank top open and hang a light from top, for example.

Do you experience salt covering everything and everywhere?


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Sounds like you have something creating bubbles in the tank and then carrying the salt up and out. My tanks are open top and I do not have problems with salt creep. You want to agitate the surface of the water but you do not need bubbles in the tank. Do you have powerheads with the air lines attached or something, or a hang on skimmer that may be creating bubbles?


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I'm using a hang filter off the rim of the tank. The outflow splashes back into the tank. Is that what's creating the "bubbles?"

I ordered a new filter system, but it came with missing parts. Vendor send item that was partly new, partly used.:mad2: That's another story.

So I'm waiting to get my filter going. It's been over a week already.


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Yes, side filters can cause salt creep. If you are going for a reef type setup you would be better served with a couple of submerged powerheads for movement and let the live rock and normal water changes provide the filtration. A big step up is a sump with an overflow and returns so most of your equipment is hidden in the sump and not the main tank. This is not always easy or preffered on a nano system but it works well on just about any system.


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I have a light sitting on eggcrate, so I get quite a bit of that salt creep, but it is not too bad. I just wipe/wash it off every once in a while.



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I have an open top, and I don't have a porblem with the spotting of salt spray, I also have a HOB filter but that is covered up well and does not cause any problems, except when I take the cover off to change out the carbon inserts... sometimes some water may drip down the back, & I don't noticed it tell a couple of days later when it has dryed...