What do you consider UNLS enviroment?


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I am an avid SPS keeper and I've started to dose SOME Zeovit products. Mind you Very slowly due to the fact that I'm introducing this to my tank. I keep reading about the fact that the system needs to be nutrient poor, now what is considered UNLS?

0 nitrite
0 nitrate
0-0.03 phosphate
- Using GARF and GAC
- heavy skimming( sometimes wet skim)

I also have a refugium with chaeto and lots of it.

ANYBODY chime in, id like to hear anybody's input


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Your params suggest you are there, however, I would almost think to sustain ULNS, you would ultimately see your macro algaes perish... Keeping the system at ULNS, would require the use of aminos, supplements, and other coloring agents to keep your corals from starving. It is a fine line, but sounds like what you are doing is working, don't run it too low though... This type of system is one where you can almost over-feed fish, while dosing what is lost due to skimming, IMO... GL


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To be honest, My macro has went into hyper drive. Its bin growing super fast. Refugium lights are ON 24 hrs and sometimes off when the display tank's lights are ON. I figure the macro is competing for nutrients and aiding in the uptake of nutrients. Keeping the system low. Is that right?

Now I have bin dosing some Zeovit products and constantly measuring perameters. Zoefood7, Coral vitalizer, Coral Snow, Zeobac, K-balance strong, Potassium iodide/fluoride concentrate and macro elements Zeospur2.

Mind you i've bin REALLY slow on introducing these into my tank. I've stopped AA's for a week now, noticed a cyano bloom that I THINK was caused by the AA's.

I feed meaty foods everyday and haven't ever bin shy on keeping my fishies happily plump:) Nori, flakes and pellets. I always blast my sand bed to kick up the ditritus and vacuum the sand bed once a month or so.