What kind of Clams can I put in my sand


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I have a 29 Gallon acrylic tank w/ about 53lbs of live rock and 40 lbs (1.5 inches deep) Live Sand. This gives me about 23-25 gallons of water with the Coralife Power Compact 130w (65w actinic 65w daylight) lighting for a light source. This give me about 5.2-5.5 watts a gallon. Please look at my tank at my website and tell me if I can put a clam in the sand here, not a Crocea or Maxima, but maybe some other kind.

Here is my Web site for the tank, look at week 9 pics that is where it stands now.

Watts per gallon isn't really the way to measure lighting but the intensity or penitration of lights.

Maybe you could try a Squamosa or small derasa but they will out grow your tank in about a year.

Nice tank :)
if your tank has only been set up for three months i would wait before adding a clam. they really need to have an established tank. i agree with Ron that watts per gallon doesn't really work.
i honestly dont think you have enough light for that size tank. (standerd 29 tank that is)

on my 29 i have 4x65 PC and i keept my derasa for about 8 months and he grew from 1 1/2" to close to 4" in that time.

i honestly didnt think it was enough light and the growth was from the concentrated feeding of phyto rather then light induced growth.

I was told that when they get to 4" is when they get most from light. Until clams get to 4" they get alot from feeding.
i'v heard/read 3" to 4", i have kept maximas that were less then 2" and didnt target feed them and they grew fine under 400w mh's. the smaller one's do grow faster when target feed with the bottle over them.