What salt do you prefer?


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Right now lot of online vendors are doing free shipping regardless of the weight. So I remembered Seth's wise advice : "Buy buckets of salt online while the shipping is free".
What brand are you recommending?


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I use Oceanic, its been great so far. It's higher in Calcium but does need to have the alk brought up a bit. I think I paid 52 bucks for a 200 gallon bucket at PETCO online with a 10% coupon code.


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i use reef crystals. i won't say it's the best but it works for me. is easy to find, and everybody has it. i don't want to be switching back and forth between brands


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I thought I was using Oceanic (that's what I said at the meeting last weekend) but I just checked my big bucket and it says Coralife on it... sorry but in the last few weeks I've read so many names/brands of various equipment so I got confused...

Now on the question. I've been using the _Coralife_ scientific grade salt since I started (about 7 weeks ago) and my calcium is always 500+, magnesium is always 1400+. I have just added some corals though, so keep that in mind. All in all it mixes well and if you keep it dry there is nothing visible in the water after it was mixed for 15 or so mins.


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I use Oceanic. I saw some numbers showing that they were up there quality wise with the most expensive salts but priced very reasonable. Puppy Center up near West Hartford sells them and they are in big 200 gallon buckets with a discount for around 45ish dollars. The place there is worth the trip for as long as that bucket lasts anyways, they have a very nice corals section.