What type of clam is the easiest to keep?


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I am thinking of getting a clam. Are maxima clams considered hard to keep? Should I get another kind that may be easier (since it is my first clam)? I have a 180g with 3-250w Iwasaki's and VHO actinics for my lighting.
Some people will say "Derasa", some people will say "Squamosa".... But the fact of the matter is ALL clams are VERY hardy provided they are Healthy specimens to begin with and you have the correct lighting and water quality for them.

Assuming your lighting and H20 levels are up to par then buy which ever clam you please. But please be sure you get them at least 3" to begin with. Clams under 3" for some people might fit the category of clams that aren't hardy. But generally ANY clam over 3" will be pretty darn hardy.

Good luck.
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Project Reef is right on the money. I can see that your tank size and lighting are fine. Tell us about the age of your setup, and what other livestock you have in there.

As far as water parameters go the following are kinda the standard to look ofr:

Calcium above 375
ph between 8.0 and 8.4
salinity around 1.025
nitites 0
nitrates a trace is ok maybe less than 5ppm
ammonia 0
temperature around 77-80 degrees

Just as important to these above values are the fact thgat they should be kept as stable as possible.

Best of luck, and fire away with any more questions you may have.

derasa clams are pretty easy. i sell more of those than i do of any clam, just because they are easy. and i also prefer tank raised.