Where to buy frag rack plastic grate material?


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Damn, I was just there and asked the guy and he looked at me like I was crazy and had no idea what I was talking about. I asked him for plastic grate material. What section would it be in?


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Hey Mr. Matthew, just curious. Are you looking to make something custom or just a basic frag rack? If it is just a frag rack I found that you can't beat the price from http://www.blackrockreef.com. I have one of their medium size models and it is great. Good luck.


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Bulk reef supply has the black egg crate. It looks better if you're going to have it in your display and its not supposed to leach PO4 like the white stuff supposedly does.


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It was said before but home depot and lows carry white egg crate. It's in the "drop ceiling" supplies and it it used as a vent panel for forced air heating and cooling. And also it's about $12 a sheet.


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Yes, and Lowes.. usually about 12 bucks for a 4 x 2 foot peice...

It is usually stocked in the same area as the industrial/shop lights.

Some of the Sears Hardware stores also carry the diffuser material in stock.


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Thanks for all the response guys. I'm going back today and try and get it again, had no idea about the white stuff leaking po4 into the water though. I wonder if it's proven or just speculated, might just chance it. My first diy frag rack is entirely covered in coraline but it was black plastic so hopefully this new one will just get covered quickly. On the other hand the racks on blackrock reef look very attractive, and for the price, not bad.


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in case you didnt go yet, it goes by the name of light refuser. Hope ya found it, if you were closer to hartford area i'd say come get some i have a bunch of it sitting around.