Where to find ID pics


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Hi all,

Ok i found this little guy ididnt even know i had..I thought the clicking (popping)sound was coming from my lights or PH?? But after added some strombus snails i was watching them and this guy stuck his head out from a rock.
He is tiny and have only seen him sticking his head out- pic impossible. The best i can do to describe him is a translucent bright green with white dots everywhere , even on legs and anntena , maybe an inch long(just a guees).
Are there any good sites with reference pics? Can i leave him in my 90g reef tank(to be)?
There are over 500 species of stomatopods and 40 or so small gonodactylids that could be found in LR. The best book that I know of that has color photos is "Crustaceans of the World" and it has only about 15-20 species.

The Lurker's Guide has a good selection of photos, but not much in the way of small gonodactylids that might appear in LR.